A lesson from Pearl Harbor

May your world thrive in peace; may that peace come through you.  

Dear friend,  

In December 1941 the world witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor which was followed, in August 1945, by the destructive forces of the atomic bomb. The United States and Japan engaged in a most tragic war in this time period.

Fast-forward a few decades, and the two countries now count each other as strong allies. You couldn’t have predicted in August 1945 that in just a few decades, the United States and Japan would become the strongest trade partners. Currently Japan ranks number four in its trade relations with the United States, after Canada, China, and Mexico. With the changing times, circumstances change, and so do relationships. 

Bring this wisdom to your personal life. An unfortunate event may have pulled you apart from someone you were close to. That event could have been circumstantial or even intentional. However, with the changing times, realities change, and so do perceptions. Perhaps you are more mature now. Perhaps the other person is more mature now. Perhaps there is a real possibility of forgiveness. Perhaps you can find meaning in healing the relationship before you both close your life.

Recognize that the previous-you and the previous-others were different beings from those existing today. Do not let the present-you and the future-you be limited by the previous-you. Find a path toward healing your relationships by bringing greater wisdom and love into your life, and through wisdom and love, greater kindness, acceptance, and meaning.

If forgiveness seems too remote and unrealistic today, consider gratitude for what is right in the other person and compassion for the collective human suffering. Gratitude and compassion together might clear the path for acceptance and forgiveness to find home in you. 

May your world thrive in peace; may that peace come through you.  

Take  care.


Suggested practice: Today, I will not doubt my capabilities.