Grateful is beautiful

Dear friend,
The other day I was asked, “Some days I feel attractive, other days get self-conscious. How do I help that?”
Here was my reply.
As a child I was very conscious of my prominent nose. Every time I saw my reflection, I hoped it would look a little smaller. Even now when I have a pimple or a flaky skin, that’s what draws the greatest attention.
When we look at our reflection, we often notice what looks least attractive to us. Most of us are conscious about some aspect of our appearance. Here is one solution.
Research shows a simple way to feel more beautiful is to feel grateful.(1) When you feel grateful about what is right, you spend more time focusing on and valuing what you have. This perspective diffuses to how you look. People who choose to feel grateful develop a healthier relationship with their physical body.(2)
So, if you aren’t fully satisfied with how you look, here is a simple solution – wear the gratitude glow. That’s all you might need.
Every nature’s creation is beautiful, we just need the eyes.
Take care.