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Whom not to believe

Dear friend, In a recent study, one out of every two girls avoided activities such as swimming and other sports because of body-image issues, and one out of four girls was afraid to raise her hand in class. So many of us miss out on precious opportunities because we feel inadequate and...


A lesson from Pearl Harbor

Dear friend, In December 1941 the world witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor which was followed, in August 1945, by the destructive forces of the atomic bomb. The United States and Japan engaged in a most tragic war in this time period. Fast-forward a few decades, and the two countries now...


Handling critique

Dear friends, I won't get an A+ in receiving criticisms. When criticized, I collapse under the weight of low self-worth. Here are three ideas I use to dilute the effect of critique: 1. Look at the source. Is it coming from a well-wisher, a place of good intentions, or is someone trying to...


When they like you, they’ll become like you

Dear friends, Someone asked me this question: I want to teach my kids proper behavior. I get conflicted. Shall I be a tiger mom or be kind? What are your thoughts? Here was my response based on some of the literature I reviewed. “That decision is ultimately yours but let me share with you the...


Grateful is beautiful

Dear friend, The other day I was asked, “Some days I feel attractive, other days get self-conscious. How do I help that?” Here was my reply. As a child I was very conscious of my prominent nose. Every time I saw my reflection, I hoped it would look a little smaller. Even now when I have a...


Healing Thoughts

Dear friend, When you are physically hurting, the areas of the brain that activate (such as ACC) are the same areas that activate with the emotional pain such as of social rejection. Emotional pains have thus hijacked the brain areas that were meant to host physical pain. In one study,...