Over the past two decades, our team has helped tens of thousands of individuals:

* Better manage stress

* Succeed at work

* Find joy in relationships

* Develop healthy self-worth

* Build resilience

After proving our programs’ effectiveness in over 30 studies, we are excited to share with you its four-module digital version: The Resilient Option

The Resilient Option

* Science enabled, science proven

* Uncovers resilience-depleting neural traps

* Actionable and time-efficient

* Novel, fresh, uplifting

* Reached over half a million people

Get to the heart of the matter - your brain

Learn three key neural insights central to your success:

* The seesawing brain's networks

* The biology of mental fatigue

* The brain's negativity bias


Our approach: simple, relatable, effective

* Clear, nimble, free of cliches

* Optimized to reverse screen overdose

* Designed to help you better lift your life's load

We take pride in our brevity, simplicity, scientific rigor, and broad appeal. Our approach resonates with the vast majority of participants - Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X, and Baby Boomers.

Authentic and trusted

* Dr. Sood has been invited to present his work at some of the highest impact forums: 

TEDx, Lake Nona, Forbes Under 30 Forum, Conference Board, Beckers, YPO, NPR, NAMI, NBGH, NASA, keynotes for Fortune 500 companies, prestigious universities and foundations, and others

* Dr. Sood's work has featured in some of the most prominent publications: 

The AtlanticThe New York Times, ForbesThe Wall Street JournalStar TribuneCBSWebMDCNNThe Huffington PostUSA TodayPrevention, and Everyday Healthamong others

* We are working with some of the most respected organizations in healthcare, legal, education, IT, and other sectors.

Our research

With so many different solutions, how do you know what works and is worthwhile? Our suggestion - Follow the research.

We have conducted several dozen clinical trials, the most for any resilience program. Click on the links below for some of our studies:


Implementation of our program improved resiliency, quality of life, and health behaviors, and reduced anxiety and stress among professionals

Among public school teachers and staff, our program improved stress, anxiety, and happiness

Our program enhanced happiness, satisfaction with life, gratitude, mindfulness, and stress among professionals


Nurses experienced lower anxiety, stress, and burnout, developed higher resilience and mindfulness, and became happier with learning our program


Women attending a heart clinic had lower stress and anxiety with practicing our program skills


Physicians at a large tertiary care hospital developed higher resilience, experienced improved quality of life, and lowered their stress and anxiety with implementing our program


Nurses implementing our program experienced higher professional development and improved their mindfulness


Implementation of our program concurrent with a mindfulness program improved perceived stress, depression, anxiety, and negative affect among caregivers, and patients receiving a transplant


Radiologists experienced lower anxiety and stress, and improved their quality of life and mindful attention with practicing our program skills


A simple highly scalable approach improved perceived stress, resilience, mindfulness, anxiety, and quality of life among employees


Patients with breast cancer developed higher resilience, had better overall quality of life and lower perceived stress and anxiety with implementing our program skills


High stress among wellness center participants was associated with poor physical health behaviors (physical activity level and confidence, strength, climbing stairs), lower mental health (quality of life, support), spiritual well-being and fatigue


A large study among corporate executives showed that higher resilience was predictive of lower risk of depression and anxiety, lower stress, and higher quality of life


An analysis of 25 research studies showed that resilience programs are beneficial for improving stress, depression, and resilience


We have completed about twenty additional studies that are in different stages of publication involving students, corporate executives, patients with IBS, depression, and melanoma, rural workers, caregivers, mental health professionals, nurse anesthetists, and others.

We are collaborating nationally and internationally with several groups to continue finding novel ways to help improve mental health, resilience, and coping, decrease the burden of chronic illness, and improve engagement, productivity, and professionalism at work. We strive to remain as relevant, helpful, and attuned with the times 500 years from now, as we are today.

Your legacy purchase supports our work. All legacy participants receive a personally signed copy of Dr. Sood’s book.

Please contact us if you are interested in bringing the Resilient Option program to your organization.

About Dr. Sood

Creator of the Resilient Option program

One of the world's leading experts on resilience & wellbeing

Executive Director - Global Center for Resiliency & Wellbeing

Former Professor and Chair for student life & wellness, Mayo Clinic

Author: The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living, The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness, Mindfulness Redesigned, SMART with Dr. Sood, The Resilience Journal

Member, Wellness Advisory Board for Everyday Health.

Mayo Clinic Awards: 2010 Distinguished Service; 2010 Innovator of the Year; 2013 Outstanding Physician Scientist; 2016 Faculty of the Year

Top 20 intelligent optimist in the world (Ode Magazine)

RWJ Foundation Health Care Pioneer

Twitter: @amitsoodmd