Zizo: Your Resilience Pal 

The Basis

A single useful insight can lift your entire day.
Zizo provides you in-the-moment actionable insights to help you lower your stress, keep the focus, feel happier, and nurture a resilient mindset.

The Basis

A carefully curated collection of helpful and actionable insights to address the twenty-first century challenges.
Developed after decades of research and experience in stress management and resilience.

Three Simple Steps:

Step 1:

Tap Zizo to collect an actionable insight

Step 2:

Spend a few moments with the insight. Think about what it means to you. Tell Zizo if you like the insight.

Step 3:

Implement a selected insight. Apply the insight in your life and then come back to Zizo for more!

Earn Zizo coins each time you interact with Zizo. You can unlock additional offerings like the Immune Resilience Course
and the Resilience Masterclass for free using your Zizo coins.

About Zizo

Zizo: Your Resilience Pal is a free smartphone app developed by Dr. Amit Sood, MD, MS, FACP.
The app is a carefully curated collection of actionable research-based insights about maintaining a positive outlook and adopting a resilient perspective towards life. 

Android and iOS users can download the app for free. 

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