Just as trees grow their branches toward the sun, spend more time with the people who are your source of light.

October 18, 2021

Sunlight seems like an abundant, infinite resource, but not in the thick forests. Competition for sunlight is one of the strongest factors shaping forest architecture. Trees have adapted by learning to bend toward the light. But is that what our mind does?


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Let’s say you put your home up for sale for $200,000. You receive two bids. One person bids it at 180 while another counterbid at 210. Which bid will you take? The 210 one, isn’t it?


Here is another situation. You receive two performance evaluations. One person gave you a 9, while the other gave you a 3. Which evaluation will occupy your mind as you are driving back home? Likely, it will be the one who gave you a 3.


With the selling price of the home, we take the highest bid; when it comes to the self, we focus on the lowest score. As a result, we spend more time thinking about people who we believe do not like us. We also attend more to what isn’t right in our life. Let’s do it differently today.

Spend more time thinking about the good people in your life. Who are these people?


Likely, they find joy in helping you. They have good energy. They help you feel worthy and treat you with kindness. Thinking about them brings a smile to your face. The more time you spend with these people, the higher your energy and the better your self-worth.

Reminding yourself of what’s special about these people will help you remember what’s good in this world. It will help you feel you live in a kind world. Let’s build and live in a good, kind world today.



Excerpted from the book, That Makes Sense: Resilience-insights to lift your day.


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