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Certified Resilience Training Program

The Global Resilience and Inner Transformation (GRIT) Institute offers a Certified Resilience Trainer (CeRT) Program. The certification process trains individuals in the Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART) model developed by Dr. Sood.

CeRT helps you achieve three goals:

Two decades of research by the team and others shows that helping people learn about their neural traps and finding ways to transcend them can undo most of our brain's vulnerabilities. The Resilient Option program helps overcome these traps in four modules:





Acquire necessary knowledge and skills of the science and art of stress resilience

Develop and immerse yourself in a personal resilience practice that helps you live a life full of meaning and joy

Learn and refine resilience teaching skills, and get certified in presenting the Stress Management and Resilience Training (SMART) program.

Each module shares science, stories, and skills through short videos enriched by text, reading material, and quizzes. You advance in small manageable steps, and the overall approach is structured and progresses in a logical sequence that we have tested in dozens of studies. The program is self-paced and usually takes eight to twelve weeks to complete.

The in-person version, SMART - Stress Management and Resiliency Training, is highly effective for decreasing stress and anxiety, and enhancing resilience, wellbeing, mindfulness, and health behaviors.

To obtain the certificate, participants must complete two required courses,
Transform is a 2-day in-person or long distance course, and TSI (Trainer Skills Intensive),
a 6-month guided long-distance training.

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