Access on-demand uplifting emotions to overcome stress and cultivate happiness.

Based on cutting-edge research in neuroscience and psychology.

The Basis

The human mind’s core hunger is a healthy dose of uplifting emotions.
Uplifting emotions come in many flavors: hope, happiness, worthiness, love, and more.
Mood Candy helps you choose your uplifting emotion – in three simple steps.

Three Simple Steps:

Step 1:
Select your desired
flavor of uplifting emotion

The starting five flavors are: Hope, Love, Innocence, Calm, and Happiness

Step 2:
Select your candy within
that flavor

The three candies are:
Lollipops – Meditations
Bubble gums – Stories
Jellybeans - Quotes

Step 3:
Savor your candy

Practice meditation, read or listen to the stories, solve quizzes, think about the quotes, write your journal, and more.

About Mood Candy

Mood Candy is a Smartphone app created by Dr. Amit Sood, MD, MS, FACP.
The app strives to help reduce stress and enhance resilience and happiness.
The entire content of the app is available free of cost to all users on Apple Store.

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